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Pallet Candles

My Dad sent me a picture of this wooden candle set her found in a store... I took the idea and ran with it... I took 3 pallet slats and cut them to length. I pa…

Star vs the Forces of Evil Theory time #1  Ok so in Queen Eclipsa's tapestry it says, "To a Mewman king was wed but took a monster for her love and away from Mewnj fled." This means that a king was chosen for Eclipsa to marry, but she denied, and for her love took a monster and left Mewni with him. The monster looks very similar to a demon such as Tom so I'm going to call him that. In the episode "Naysaya" it shows a picture and description of Naysaya in the picture it is Naysaya cursing a…

i got this exact picture by screenshotting the video i took of him ahaha he's so cute -kaylee

The picture in the mirror was from Dapgo and It killed me when I saw it. The Thing that kills me most is that Phil most likely took that photo and I want to thank him for blessing my eyes with This picture.

After a long day of going to random cities with Luke, we had a nice dinner with Mikey and Lukes families all together. I laughed around with Liz and Karen, while Bru clung to their new puppy like she was gonna kill it or something. I laughed when mikey took it from her strong grip, and Mikey smiled. " this is (enter name here), and he's a golden retriever." Mikey said. Like turned to me and kissed my cheek. "Now. Bru and I have news." Like said. I looked at him, lost. He smiled and nodded…

I am ashamed at the ten seconds it took me to read what the Unowns spelled. I am also ashamed that they would ARRANGE THEMSELVES LIKE THAT.

Another cool photo my friend and I took for that tumblr vibe

I took this picture during the live stream. I love seeing them smile.