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wandelende takken - Google zoeken

wandelende takken - Google zoeken

hermit crabs in glass houses

Blown Glass Hermit Crab Shells

Are your hermit crabs looking for new digs? Consider these beautiful works of art: Artist/designer Robert DuGrenier creates exquisite hand-blown glass shells for hermit crabs from his Vermont workshop.

Ashamed...I am.  Sorry too.

Funny pictures about Disappointed Otter. Oh, and cool pics about Disappointed Otter. Also, Disappointed Otter photos.

lightening bug- remember trying to catch them as a kid and put in a jar!

Firefly, Detroit, Michigan The only thing I miss about living in the South - the beautiful sight of fireflies (They were wiped out in Urban areas in the by the mosquito abatement DDT applications - we had to drive out of town to see them)

Lazy Sea Otter

Funny pictures about Lazy Sea Otter. Oh, and cool pics about Lazy Sea Otter. Also, Lazy Sea Otter photos.

two great warriors working together to fight evil bugs...bh

Ladybug hitching a ride. Photo by mehmet karaca praying mantis are so cool, as are lady bugs!