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Here we go, friends. We're towards the end of the parties and big meals and peppermint chocolate goodies and traffic to and from the mall and whipping cream and exhausted looking delivery people. Curran and I are making sandwiches today to set out for them which is probably way overdue because we order a lot of things online. I thought of leaving these delicious fritters but there wasn't a single one left over and I already think the UPS guys isn't sure about us, who knows what…

Chef, David Rocco shares his new vegetarian meal filled with vegetables and protein. See how chickpeas and pasta can become your go to meal at the end of a busy day.

10 Surprising Grocery Store Finds That Are Whole30-Approved — 30 Days of Whole30

Ready for breaded cutlets of a different kind? Cauliflower!

This Nov. 9, 2015 photo shows breaded cauliflower cutlets with marinara sauce in Concord, N.H. To prepare the dish you start by slicing a whole head of cauliflower into cutlets. The idea is to end up with thick slabs of the vegetable. One easy method for doing this is to cut the head in half down the center, then turn each half on its cut side and cut the halves into 1/2-inch-thick slabs. (AP Photo/Matthew Mead)

Neapolitan sweet wheat berry and ricotta pie (pastiera Napoletana)

Neapolitan sweet wheat berry and ricotta pie (pastiera Napoletana) | The first time I came across Naples’ famous Easter dessert, pastiera, I wasn’t entirely sure how to react – except that I knew I needed to have more. It’s a rather unusual, unique pie made with an array of ingredients that seem almost to have accidentally ended up together, but each on their own are symbolic and traditional to Naples. As a whole, they create an absolutely delicious concoction. Pastiera is the thing to have…

Whole30 BBQ Sauce

I have a friend who make THE BEST Baby Back Ribs ever. As soon as I found out I was going to be guest posting for @whole30recipes on Instagram, I called her for her recipe because I was determined to find a way to make them Whole30 approved. The challenge was the sauce, as almost ALL BBQ Sauce recipes have sugar, molasses or honey in it. I tested many and some weren’t the right flavor I was looking for... for the ribs. After much trial & error, I ended up coming up with this one…

Yummy Primal crackers - 1cup almond meal (is using left over meal from almond milk making - dry out and blitz the meal for the best crackers, you'll need an extra egg though), 1/4 cup coconut flour (or other flour if not paleo), 1/4 cup milled flax seeds, 1 egg, 1/8 cup olive oil, salt, spices or herbs to flavour. Could also make with parmesan on top for cheesy crackers.

Deliciously Simple Meatballs - Grain Free

Deliciously Simple Meatballs - Grain Free - I like to do is make large batches of meatballs. It ends up looking a bit like an Italian kitchen in my house! I cook a few batches of meatballs, and then I freeze them! When we need meatballs for a meal, I take a few out and heat them up!

3 Ingredient Paleo Naan (Indian bread)

If you've missed using naan to scoop up your stew and Indian curry dishes, here's a 3 ingredient (egg free) paleo version.