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Thoughts in time - Long Exposure Photography by Pierre Pellegrini

Thoughs in Time - Pierre Pellegrini is a Swiss award photographer born in 1968 specialized in long exposure fine art photography. His artistic sense boosts the creation of extraordinary compositions of great depth and clarity engaging the viewer emotionally into timeless stories.

Long exposures are exelent for moving ocean waters splashing against rocks. The longer exposure = the more misty the scene looks.

Michael Kenna (photograph) Kenna is an English photographer who's known for work typically taken with a medium format camera - a hasselblad which accounts for the square format. his images are usually shot early in the morning or late in the evening. he captures long exposures, some up to 10 hours long. -

Guide to Long Exposure. Set your camera to aperture priority mode, ISO 100, f/8, turn off IS. Take a meter & focus reading using AF. Then, switch to manual, MF & Bulb Mode using same readings. Add filter. Use long exp. app.