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One hump or two?

Camellatte anyone? Richard Ford @Brenda Canfield Africa fundraising project. Camel milk is said to have a clean, palatable taste

آيس كريم مصنوع من حليب اﻹبل من مدينة العين - اﻻمارات العربية المتحدة . Ice Cream low calorie,nutritious made 100% fresh camel milk - Alain UAE

Camel milk coffee: What does it taste like

06/02 - #fusionfoods Camel milk from ME hitting trendy UK cafes (Camelatte and Camelccino). Currently served in Taylor Street Baristas in Brighton and London's Bank area, in aid of Farm Africa.

Nairobi: Camel's Milk Ice Cream at the Norfolk Hotel

I first heard about camel's milk as a low or no-lactose milk on a Terry Jones travel documentary about Egypt. I've since heard of "Camelbert" cheese, and would love to find someone crazy enough to milk a camel for me. :)

Health Benefits of Drinking Camel Milk

Camel milk, used medicinally for centuries by nomadic people, is the closest to human mother’s milk and contains 10 times more iron and three times...