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1966. Bet van Beeren in front of café Violetta across the street from her café ‘t Mandje at the Zeedijk in Amsterdam. ‘t Mandje is considered to be the first gay bar in the Netherlands and one of the first in the world. It was opened in 1927 by Bet, herself a lesbian. After her death in 1967 her sister Greet operated the café until 1983. In 2008 the cafe was reopened again by family members. Photo Sam Presser. #amsterdam #1960 #Mandje #Zeedijk #BetvanBeeren

1960's. Tante Leen in cafe Royal at the Nieuwendijk 103 in Amsterdam. #amsterdam #1960

Altijd gezellig, altijd lekker! Hippe tent ook heel leuk om met wat oudere kinderen naar toe te gaan. Eetbar Dit, #DenBosch #Aanrader

A mountain. Everyone has a mountain of their own somewhere. Wouldn't it be nice to climb it this year? More on: Prints: #landscape #travel #nature #explore #outdoors #wanderlust #fernweh #photography

grace–upon–grace:@katia_mi_ (Death by Elocution)


Amsterdam, Café Rooie Nelis, personeel en klanten voor de deur.