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My Favorite Things...from the teaching Mom: Apple Worm Craft

XD me with kokoro and like tabetai and yume and sekai and a bunch of other ones where I'm like *humming humming humming-OH I KNOW THE WORDS HERE

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It's too bad this man feels he has to defend himself and the requirements of his job. Where would we be without police? Most are decent human beings--the vast majority. We need to weed out the few bad apples. Attacking police as a whole is not the way to go about that. Let's use our brains to do that, people. Appropriate change will not come about from emotionally-charged blame and rhetoric.

from Elite Daily

Women Love Bad Boys: The Psychology Behind Why Women Go For The Assh*les

Such bullshit. Not "all" women go for bad boys/assholes. In fact, they are my worst nightmare. Give me a kind, considerate, consistent, honest, gentle, smart man over a "bad boy" any day!!!

This is my favorite scene from Moonwalker!!! his laugh is the most adorable thing I've ever heard.