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Short SC1 vertical take-off aircraft, October 2012. Professor Isobel Pollock, President of the Institution of Mechanical Engineers and Dr Jim McGreevy, Director of Collections & Interpretation for National Museums Northern Ireland. Photo courtesy of Press Eye Ltd

Enjoy quotes from Dr. Seuss as we celebrate his birthday (March 2nd) and anticipate Read Across America Day.

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Read the Fascinating Story of Inventor Elijah McCoy

Inventor, Elijah McCoy (May 2, 1844 – October 10, 1929) Was a Canadian-American inventor and engineer, notable for his 57 U.S. Patents, most to do with lubrication of steam engines. The popular expression, "The real McCoy", was first published in Canada in 1881, but the expression, "The Real McKay", can be traced to Scottish advertising in 1856. This expression, typically used to mean the real thing, has been associated with Elijah McCoy's oil-drip cup invention.

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Henry Sampson Jr Is the 1st African American to earn a Nuclear Engineering in the US. Dr Sampson has won numerous awards in the Engineering. In addition to his work in Engineering Dr Sampson is a writer, film historian Independent Film Producer of African American Focused Presence Films. In 1971 Dr Sampson was awarded the patent of the Gamma Electric Cell (which is the technology used for the Cellular Phone). #blackhistory #blackinventions

Most people dont know-inventor of the Cellular phone is Henry Sampson, Jr. Sampson is an African-American from Jackson , Mississippi . He attended Morehouse College and transferred to Purdue. He received an MS in Engineering from the University Of California. He was awarded an MS in Nuclear Engineering from Illinois and his Ph.D from Illinois . Sampson is the first African-American to receive a Ph.D in Nuclear Engineering.In 1971 Sampson was awarded a patent for the "gamma-electric cell."

Lacey Green Windmill, July 2013. Johhn Wood, Chairman of the Institution's Engineering Heritage Committee presenting the plaque to Barbara Wallis, the widow of Christopher Wallis, who led the restoration project of the windmill.

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Thunder Bay Museum

by Jim Lyzun For down-to-earth, consitent contributions to Canada's aviation heritage, few cities can match Thunder Bay. Yet very little of that history is known. This book will change all that by showing how much we owe to the city's aviation pioneers, pilots, mechanics, engineers, politicians and businessmen who contributed so significantly to the development of aviation in Canada.

The IUPUI Studenbt Life Center ... a very cool improvement on the abandoned library we used to use ...

NCSU's Dunphy, Koenning Involved In Award Winning Crop Protection Crop scientist, Dr. Jim Dunphy and plant pathologist, Steve Koenning, have for years fought Asian soybean rust, which emerged as a threat to US crops in 2004. Thanks to their efforts, the US has not seen the 80% crop losses experienced in some other countries. They helped develop the Soybean Rust PIPE for integrated control. See: