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Are you surfing the web all day with your laptop or Ipad on your belly? Are you sure there is no radiation coming from those devices? Those devices are right next to your precious cargo! Be safe...I mean do you want to risk it? Have peace of mind and protect your bun (or buns) with a super soft blanket with RadiaShield® fabric from Belly Armor. It is an affordable and easy way to protect your child. Efficacy: 99.9% Shielding Effectiveness

Belly Armor Organic Protective Radiashield Belly Blanket | Blocks radiation from laptop, cell phone, iPads etc

Organic Belly Blanket by Belly Armor. RadiaShield lining (inside organic cotton) protects your child against risks of everyday radiation. Drape over your midsection while using your laptop or cell phone.

These blankets from Belly Armor go over your pregnant belly to reduce radiation exposure. Didn't even know these exsisted

Belly Armor Belly Blanket Chic in Azure. Stylish maternity blanket that's effective at shielding your bump from wireless radiation.

Crumbs in your bed are not an option when you are on bedrest. Our bed tray helps you function can eat your meals easier, use your laptop, write in your journal or store you stash of goodies throughout the day within arms reach. This tray was a lifesaver when I was on bedrest. It has foldable legs for easy storage. Then when bedrest is a distant memory your special someone can use this again and bring you breakfast in bed! (tea set not included)