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Last days @thenew.la to see "Elemental" exhibition ✨ . . . #losangeles #contemporaryart #design #crossover #art #quartz #primal #elemental #sculpture #objects #orp 🙏🏻 @adamhunterinc 😘

@illmagore was punch in the face by a Donald Trump Supporter who stalked her. @Facebook just gave away her address! He did it because she created this beautiful work of art depicting Trump's Mega Micro Penis. Violence is never the answer! No matter what is said or what art is created no one is allowed to physically harm others. I hope the Trump Supporter has to face time in jail!!! @illmagore you are amazing and fearless for taking on such a hateful group of people! Peace. Love. & Art…

@berniesanders is going to San Diego area! FreeTheNipple be there to rallying taking pictures and showing support for Bernie's progressive and forward thinking leadership that this country so desperately needs! If y'all are interested in joining #FreeTheNipple then please email anni@freethenipple.com to get location information. As always your body your choice! All genders welcomed. PC: @weekends.with.bernie #free #freedom #freethenipple #losangeles #sanfrancisco #sandiego #la#sd#sf #love…

Adam Zyglis - The Buffalo News - Fear of Refugees COLOR - English - america, gop, syrian, refugees, immigration, liberty, values, lady, middle east, terrorism, donald, trump, carson, cruz, candidates, president, race, election, republicans, conservatives, islamophobia, muslims

Join Sarah and the rest of The Olio makers to celebrate Japan (and Hello Kitty) at our next Hot Salon event on May 27. Check out our Facebook page or website for more info. [Also: Free BYOB ] #wsnc by theoliows

War on Workers... Keep you Poor, Workers are easier to manipulate!! In an interview w/ The Wichita Eagle on Tuesday, Charles Koch said that doing away with the Federal Min. Wage requirement in the United States would benefit the poor. According to Mr. Koch, who is the CEO of Koch Industries, a multi-billion dollar mega-corporation who has its Fat-Greedy Paws in about everything, including Puppet Politicians’ pocketbooks!!

One way or another Im going to spend the day yelling at and attacking anyone who crosses my path. I already had my heart set on picking up a garbage can and chucking it through a window and this doesnt change a thing. Ive been looking forward to raising hell in the streets for months. #TheOnion #Election2016 by theonion

Hey who left this gohon here- mine by danielnmarder

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