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.Writing to Him... So many papers get thrown away, because the words I want to say, I want to say to your dark welcoming eyes... Not a sheet of pale plain paper.

Romantic style to me suggests soft and delicate colors, lace, distressed finishes. This beautiful image is courtesy of

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This best new hotel in London is set in the vibrant East End. Looking for where to stay in Shoreditch, book with us on 7871

♐Often when I imagine you / your wholeness cascades into many shapes./ you run like a herd of luminous deer and I am dark, I am forest. -Rainer Maria Rilke

I have always been intrigued by the idea of writing a generational story. I mostly think of a girl who finds a secret out about her grandmother, I have read a few good mulch-generation stories but not sure how to write one myself.