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A worker drives a forklift with discarded coffins as a mummified corpse lies on the back at the Verbena cemetery in Guatemala City February 28, 2013

Grave cleaners place plastic bags with skeletal remains on a forklift next to a mummified body at the Verbena cemetery in Guatemala City July 22, 2013

A grave cleaner holds up a skullm with thick hair still clinging to it, during exhumation works at the Cemetery General in Guatemala City May 24, 2013

The mummified body of a woman lies on the floor and next to a wall with the writing 'no littering here' - still intact, she cannot be bagged like other decomposed remains.

The skeleton of what appears to have once been a woman is loaded into a bag by one of the grave cleaners, who must look away as he carries out the grim task

Paraia cemetery, near Thessaloniki in northern Greece, where a woman was allegedly buried ...

One of the men uses a sledge hammer to smash open the cover of a crypt as a fellow grave cleaner works standing on a ladder

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