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His Lust Problem Is Not About You

His lust problem is not about you. He isn't looking because you aren't enough. Believe it. His struggle goes deeper than a you versus her comparison game.

A Couple that Prays Together

A couple that prays together, stays together. Who hasn't heard of that phrase? I'm sure you've also heard it said many other ways, but for the purpose of thi

The Real Cure for Comparison

Your skinnier friend just married Superman and got her dream job after winning the lottery. And you are suppossed to be HAPPY for her? Super encouraging and FUNNY article on how to stop comparing!

How Do I Stop Comparing Myself to My Friend

Is she skinnier? Prettier? More successful and sometimes that bothers you? Want to know how to stop comparing yourself to friends? Great read from Compared to Who?

My Body Image Robbed Me: Sydney's Story

Great Christian testimony of woman who struggled with body image from elementary school on and is now overcoming it! Compared to Who?