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from Lori Schumaker

Protecting Yourself from Self-Defeating Thoughts {Part 3

Protect yourself from self-defeating thoughts. 10 examples of changing negative thoughts into positive truth!

And this is also why I won't be leaving the US just because Trump won. There's work to be done here.

Please inform yourselves and think about your research. We don't want a half dozen states making the decisions for the majority of the country.

psalm 18:1 | pinterest & insta ↠ @missmegs0802

Hypocritical Left. Melania looks and speaks so much classier than Michelle Obama!! Melania loves America and is proud of this country. I have respect for her. Michelle Obama has proven her contempt for America. She lost any respect I might have had for her!! ...and I am not and never have been racist. I could careless about the color of her skin. It is her ideas and attitudes that I don't care for!

Truth! Fact! These news stations ratings are now lower then the weather channel by great margin.

And people ask why I don't respect this man...