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This is so true. I think it's more important to listen closely to what people, who call themselves your 'friends', don't say & do then what they actually do. Their true colors will shine thru if you just pay attention!!! Had to learn this the hard way :-(

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Wow!! This is an amazing statement!!! How true it is! Unless you're sitting and watching a television or staring at a cell phone I would say this is true. I would sit for hours writing, knowing I had dishes to do. Always knew I should have been a writer.

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Oh yes, I love this one. I certainly believe in standing up for myself but I also believe in standing up for what I believe is right and wrong. When you sit back and watch and let things happen that are wrong it does not say much about your character.....

Love this--very true! It depends on how we act is the one we are feeding. If we feed the 'Good' one , then we become good. But if we choose the bad one , therefore we become bad. So, it all depends on us... let's hope to make the right decisions in life.♡