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Name: Sunflowerbaby Stay Dry Blue Newborn Diaper - SND001 - Blue - 70.0g - Baby Boys - In stock

Diaper Stockpile List! How many should you stockpile? This are just to start out and remember every baby is different. Always keep your receipts in an envelope somewhere just in case you need to exchange them. Places like Walmart, Costco, Babies R Us, and Target will exchange them without a receipt. If you have open packs try selling them on craigslist, ebay or facebook. Plenty of people are looking for a good deal. However, you'll probably be selling them for around .10 per diaper.

23 Incredibly Helpful Charts For New Parents

Know your baby’s diaper size AND how many diapers they’ll go through each day: | 23 Incredibly Helpful Charts For New Parents Save $$ and use diapers that FIT! Less leaks = less changes = Save CASH. Find the best diapers for your little one over at!

The Perfect Diaper Stock Pile

The Ultimate Diaper Stock Pile List! It hasn't failed me yet! Here is exactly how many diapers you will need in each size to prepare for your little ones arrival!

How Do I Adjust a Cloth Diaper on my Newborn?

How To Cloth Diaper A Newborn

How To Cloth Diaper A Newborn and beyond! - everything you need to know with tips and tricks! #clothdiapers

My newborn diaper reviews are listed separately here. AIO/AI2/AI3 Cloth Diapers Best Bottom AI2 Diaper Bumkins AIO Cloth Diaper bumGenius Elemental (new style) AIO Diaper bumGenius Fr…