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Hackney Horse | Best hackneypony. Every City & Every State |

A beautiful bay Hackney, British, the breed developed from the Norfolk Trotter and Yorkshire Roadster combined with Arab and Thoroughbred blood, to produce a graceful, stylish, high-stepping carriage horse.

Durch Harness Horse, or Tuigpaard, A refined, high-stepping driving horse developed only recently from The Gelderlander and Groningen. Standards for the breed are rigid, administered by the KWPN. Its high action is natural. Shoe thickness is specified and no pads are allowed, to demonstrate what a sound horse can do. The US can learn a lot.

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When people say that high action horses are unnatural, i will show them this picture.

One of my favorite Saddlebred sires, Undulata's Nutcracker

Dutch harness horse. A refined, high-stepping warmblood type of fine driving horse developed in the Netherlands.