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Incredible Realistic Mini Food Sculptures — Israeli artist Shay Aaron creates mouth watering miniature food sculptures from clay.

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Adorable Tiny Food Sculptures That Fit on the Tip of Your Finger

Incredible Miniature Food Sculptures Tel Aviv-based artist Shay Aaron constructs incredible miniaturized food sculptures at scale that look almost completely edible.


Not just your usual donut with sprinkles on it! The sprinkles are actually policeman miniatures as a substitute for the toppings. It's a really creative way to decorate your food.

Holyshit. @Sister. Tiny things and avocados TOGETHER. By Tel Aviv-based artist Shay Aaron. He also sells jewelry on etsy. because-the-internet

Tel Aviv-based artist Shay Aaron produces amazing miniature food art scaled down to a ratio of just – smaller than a piece. Despite their teeny tiny size, his impressive food sculptures still manages to look almost good enough to eat.