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Thane-Water Play

How to Collect Seeds From a New Guinea Impatiens ... don't know why the picture is of a couch but the right article s linked.

Bunch O Balloons! Or as Butch was trying to pitch the company "Butch O Balloons" They worked great and we had a blast! Buy Here ▶ http://luckypennyshop.com/b...

BEOWULF - The story begins with Beowulf racing on a beach with a fellow Thane. On the beach they slay crabs and then Beowulf races with the Thane in the sea, where he is attacked by a sea serpent. He fights the serpent on a small rock structure but is defeated and thrown into the water; there, Grendel's mother appears and says he is her new hero, and grants him power. Beowulf defeats the sea serpent with his newfound power and returns to the beach where he was racing with the Thane.

Potato Flake bin......fun dry or add water to make moldable dough...add food color(s) to make a rainbow of colors..Baby Safe! - Sensory Activities

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