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The Great Animal Rescue Chase celebrates the art of animal rescue with a worldwide race to rescue one million. It’s a free event, open to all, and is perhaps the only global animal rescue event aimed at helping any animal in distress, anywhere in the world.

Pictures of the day: 17 August 2011

Lion Cameron and white tiger Zabu play together at the Big Cat Rescue in Tampa, Florida. A meeting between the two predators would have been impossible in the wild as they hail from different continents. The feline duo - aptly nicknamed The Odd Couple by their caretakers at Big Cat Rescue in Florida - were rescued from a roadside zoo around eight years ago.

They're coming at us so fast right now, in boxes and in bags, on busy streets and desolate roads. The flow of rescues has reached record levels. If you can help, in any way, please make a donation today. (Shown here - kitten rescued in Bosnia yesterday). Thousands of animals will receive food, shelter and veterinary medicine this month alone.

The Harmony Fund offers a lifeline to so called “underdog” animal rescue squads across the planet. Our partners are the small but incredibly courageous and effective animal rescue teams who operate in parts of the world where funding is very hard to come by.

Because of the donation shortage during summer, we really need your help. You are the primary source of hope for many 'underdog' animal rescue squads across the globe.

Harmony Fund sponsors food and veterinary care here year-round. It's one of the countless animal rescue centers who depend on us to make it through each month. But during summer, there are very few donations coming in and we do have a difficult time. Yesterday we drew from our small savings to make sure that each of our rescue squads received funds to care for their animals throughout June. Without our monthly donors, none of this would be possible. Together, all of you reading this, are…