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Millenia Residencial, Huixquilucan Edo. de México 1999 Migdal Arquitectos.

acts of kindness are the blossoms of the soul. -Anthony Douglas Williams

whenever i get into these moods i try to listen to "migraine" on repeat because i just feel the lyrics so deeply. it's my favorite tøp song. the part where it says "but i know we've made it this far, kid" has kept me going so many times; you don't even know. #spn #supernatural #textpost

Crab Nebulae. Another iconic nebula that always seems to put a different face forward.

"Why I don't describe myself as an 'equalist', or some other term that dismisses the unique set of challenges women face in gaining equal ground. Only feminism acknowledges the centuries, the millenia, of disadvantage and oppression we've been subject to."

llbwwb: Todays Cuteness:) The lineup (by Understated Flea)

well turns out 14 year olds are more stupid in my class than grade 3 kids. I'm going insane with this darn class