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Cute anime girl pictures! Ecchi but no hentai, meaning no nipples and no genitals. If you want to request something or just want to talk, then send us a message!

Bakuman ~~ Worth watching just for Eiji, frankly, one of my favest anime characters ever (even if he's not on much). Two 15 year-old kids decide they're gonna make manga. And we see them do just that--the struggles of two creative, talented, very hard working boys-turning-to-men in the world of manga. Romantic, inspiring one to do one's best! Love it! If only real life high-schoolers were this chaste, idealistic, and dedicated to excellence!

Omg today was so busy but i had a great time! i had way to much sugar i feel like i might get real sick. Im praying i dont. I cant have sugar but today i thought maybe id push my luck and i see now why i shouldn't have lmfao but other than that it was one of the better days ive had in a looooooong time ive been less depressed latley and im so thankful for that. I made nessisary changes in my life that were hard to get over with but i finally did it. And the result was drastically positive…

If you're a fan of women's fiction, chick lit, or romance novels, you might enjoy josei and shojo manga! Not sure what that means? Check out the blog to learn more: http://carnegiestout.blogspot.com/2013/06/spotlight-on-shojo-josei-manga.html

AHH Neji on this is just  aww Hinatas blush EVERYBODY SHIPS IT NARUHINA FOR LIFE

it's better not to tbvh, sangwoo is a manipulative asshole. It's such an abusive relationship. I think he's only keeping Yoonbum for his satisfaction on playing god. If he really loved Bum, he wouldn't be treating him like shit to the point where he fucking broke his legs and choked him almost to death.~featlight

Zangetsu Version 3 one represents his Soul Reaper powers his other his Quincy this is his new one no lies

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