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MSCED: Stupid Skinny Ships Shameless Self-promotional Stunt! on

MSCED: Stupid Skinny Ships Shameless Self-promotional Stunt!

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Say Yes to the Arrow sweatshirt

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Festival Poster Noise Pop with a pigeon #poster #music #festival

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14 Mantras To Help You Build Positive Self-Talk

Oh yeah...because all of those reasons are GREAT reasons to lose weight and get healthy! How about...Do it for: Your health, your kids, your quality of life, your decreased chances of heart disease and other know...just to name a few. GRR!

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This Is What A Sailor Would Have Eaten If He Was On Columbus' Ship

Many believe that Christopher Columbus was the first to sail the open ocean and reach the Americas. What it not known are the numerous others who had already sailed the journey West, and those who sailed East. The Chinese once had a great fleet that was much larger than those of Europe, not just in the amount of ships, but the size as well. But with Columbus the world started its age of exploration more extensively.

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Travel Inspiration

Vintage Travel Posters That Will Make You Want to Visit the South of France : Condé Nast Traveler


Beginners Running Guide - The Greatest 72 Running Tips Of All Time

Leg days are always the toughest. I have to feel that I'm in balance to be able to do a good leg work out. But it's really cool going from really skinny straight legs to legs with volume!

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Star Trek Starfleet Captains Tee

This Star Trek Starfleet Captains Tee looks awesome. It has every ship from every series, with each ship's Captain imposed over it. They have never been together on the same screen, but they are all assembled for this cool T-shirt. It makes a great gift for Star Trek fans. Just so you kn

Skinny Ships - beautiful illustration by Richard Perez