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Explore Icefjord Greenland and more!

This severe weather is not because of any man made global warming problems that so many continue to discuss. It is true that the general weather conditions of the world are warming or more rightly said thawing. This is a long continuation since that time known as the ice age. As these things continue to thaw it is only working to realign temperatures and weather to that which was before the great ice was put over so many places.

Ilulissat Greenland - Where Icebergs are Born at the World's most Active Glacier

an Inuit home in the village of iliminaq on the south side of the ilulissat Icefiord | west greenland | foto: bryan & cherry alexander

The hardy fishermen – A fisherman weaves his way through the iceberg traffic jam in the Ilulisaat harbor on a frosty snowy September morning. Greenlandic fishermen are the hardiest bunch of people I have watched work. They navigate the iceberg traffic jams in the harbor and icefjord day and night to place and pull nets from the freezing (literally freezing as ice was forming while we were there) waters. They would be in boats of all sizes from the 18 foot to the big trawlers. I cannot…

@natgeotravel - Photo by @FransLanting Along the west coast of Greenland icebergs of every imaginable shape and color and texture join the ocean. I photographed this scene near the most active glacier in Greenland in the Ilulissat Icefjord a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The Ilulissat Glacier produces 10% of Greenlands icebergs and many are so large that they become grounded in shallow waters and remain there for years. There are few places on earth where the pace of climate change is more…