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(80) News about #PrimaryDay on Twitter

(80) News about #PrimaryDay on Twitter

...[and men!] Modern Feminism: intersectional, expansive, and ready to fight for change.

"Feminism includes women of color, non-heterosexual women, trans women, disabled women - women of all body types no matter what they wear".

Beautiful. This is a man who tried to do what's right for our country while GOP did everything they could to prevent him. He was a great president and we are going to miss him when all Trump supporters realize Trump lied and causes a war. I hope y'all can sleep at night.

Gonna miss this glorious bastard

*seriously*, america, *seriously* you chose TRUMP over OBAMA >>>>> obama is a blessing. shame that murica's new leader is nowhere as good as this.

if it isn't intersectional it isn't feminism- if it's only white women, it's another form of white supremacy.

if it isn't intersectional it isn't feminism (duh why does this even need to be said)

#politics #intersectional #feminism

"Don't attack someone for their political beliefs" you say, as your political beliefs attack the rights of poc, women, & the LGBTQ community.

We Don't Want Men To Lower Themselves (Equalism), We Just Want Them To Make Room For Us (Feminism)

to clarify the meaning of feminism

It's called feminism because we want to raise the female things up. Equalise would mean meeting in the middle.

This is the bestest briefing on intersectionality ever- with added description | Another angry woman

This is the bestest briefing on intersectionality ever- with added description

 (rp @1thatgotawayy @dothehotpants) Photo by: @kennedy.carroll ; @the.ripple #womensmarch #dc #womensmarchonwashington #washingtondc

31 Women& March Posters That Perfectly Illustrate Black Women& Problem With Feminism

Carrying Feminism I LOVE THIS ♥ The idea of sharing the load reminds me a lot of Audre Lorde. :)

Everyday Feminism comic on community activism, accountability, and self care.