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Todays picture is from a migrant workers camp in Texas during the Great Depression. A woman can be seen cooking from the back of a wagon. It looks to be the back end of a truck, converted into some sort of Chuck Wagon type structure.

June 1938. In Memphis, hundreds of laborers congregate near the bridge every morning at daylight in hopes of work chopping cotton on a plantation, where they are taken by truck. Reduced acreage made employment scarce for this class of seasonal labor in all towns. "You can't live the commonest way on six bits a day. Not alone nor no way. A man like me can't get no foothold. It's a mighty tough old go. The people here in the morning are hungry, raggedy, but they don't make no hungry march."

Drought refguees from Oklahoma camping by the roadside. They hope to work in the cotton fields. The official at the border (California-Arizona) inspection service said that on this day, August 17, 1936, twenty-three car loads and truck loads of migrant families out of the drought counties of Oklahoma and Arkansas had passed throught that station entering California up to 3 oclock in the afternoon. August, 1936.

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Photos Of 513 Migrant Workers Jammed In 2 Trucks Bound For The US

A French riot policeman stops migrants in a field near Calais, France, as migrants gather in the hopes of attempting to board lorries and making their way across the Channel to Britain © Pascal Rossignol


Opposition to Refugee Quotas Softens in Europe’s Old Communist Bloc

Opposition to Refugee Quotas Softens in Europe’s Old Communist Bloc - The New York Times

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Waiting in Calais

A migrant is hoisted on top of an industrial cooler as more than a dozen migrants gather near trucks which wait on the road that leads to the Channel tunnel in the hopes of boarding them to make a clandestine crossing to England, in Calais, France, May 22, 2015. REUTERS/Pascal Rossignol


Pictures of the day: 20 March 2016

Workers load garbage bags into trucks on a street in Jdeideh, east Beirut, Lebanon. Sanitation workers have begun removing mountains of trash from the suburbs of Beirut in what residents hope marks the end of Lebanon's eight-month garbage crisis.