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How divine is this display of flowers, so soft in their pastel colours giving off such beauty. JH Aiken House & Gardens: Spring in the Sun Room

Salvia leucantha aka Mexican Bush Sage. Hirado, Nagasaki, Japan by Homma Keisuke

Purple Flower, Hirado, Nagasaki, Japan- I think this is Mexican Bush Sage- had it in the garden at my previous home.

wisteria, I love this plant,especially the smell. Be careful though, its' roots are very aggressiv, don't plant near a brick path.

I had a small wisteria in a previous garden it framed the door beautifully. I think I know the perfect spot in this garden for another. And larger one this time I hope. Envy,Flowers,Flowers and Plants,From the Garden to

To the Enchanted Garden

Lavender Stairs - what a beautiful pathway of purple which just a wonderful energy color!

blue orchid wedding lavender dress - Google Search

tear drop blue orchid white rose bouquet- I want this but with purple orchids and green glitter inserts!

I love gemista

For since the creation of the world His invisible attributes, His eternal power and divine nature, have been clearly seen, being understood through what has been made, so that they are without excuse.

Find the perfect lavender flowers for your wedding at

Find the perfect lavender flowers for your wedding at FiftyFlowers! With a soft and graceful pastel tone, lavender brings a sweetness and bright virtue to any bridal look

Lilacs .. Since we remodeled our current house, I have wanted to put lilacs in the front yard so I can smell the flowers from the porch:)

❀ ✿༻ Passion for FLOWERS ❀ Purple Lilacs.growing up we had some by the kitchen the window and it was heaven