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Disney's "Alice In Wonderland" Scarred You For Life

Alice in Wonderland is my absolute favorite disney movie because it all about her imagination. She dreams about the coolest things and i love all the colors. i also love that she has a pet cat because i like cats better then dogs. My favorite character is the mad hatter because he is absolutely crazy like me and doesn't care about judgement

7 Tips to Refresh Your Cat Tower — Square Paws

7 Tips to Refresh Your Cat Tower

Why Are Cats Afraid Of Green Cucumber?

Scottish Wild Cats - even though there are wildcats across Europe and Asia, there are only about 100 left in Scotland.

8 Tips To Get Your Dog Used To Biking

8 Tips To Get Your Dog Used To Biking -- Biking with your dog can be a great way to exercise those high-energy pups that can outrun you (either speed or distance). It can also be dangerous for both of you if not done properly.

How to Properly Introduce Two Cats

Two cats are better than one! But, you have to introduce them properly or you're…

Big reason why dogs are better than cats, dogs actually show they learn. Cats are just little rodent butt holes.