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Ces figures géométriques et ces couleurs vous sont familières ? C’est normal, nous vous avons présenté il y a peu le travail de Mademoiselle Maurice dans les rues de Paris (pour retrouver l’article, cliquez ici), la voici de retour avec de nouvelles créations du côté de l’Asie. Fidèle à ses spectres de couleurs vives et ses centaines de pliages en origami.

french artist mademoiselle maurice has expanded her 'urban origami installations' to swathe the streets of vietnam, hong kong and france with her 'vietnam and hong kong installation' and 'hexagon rainbow'.

Street urban art in natures paul keirn (35.1)

Rainbow Staircase / Rainbow Staircase is a creation of German artist Horst Gläsker who painted colors to 112 steps of Wuppertal in Germany.

street art nature banksy

Banksy’s latest piece, features a stenciled “Origami Stork” holding a goldfish located on a wall beside a river.

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The German artist Cornelia Konrads creates hallucinating in situ installations in public spaces, parks and private gardens throughout the world. His work is often punctuated by the illusion of.

Alexandre Orion - graffiti inversés (4)

Reverse graffiti ( ‘Vandals’ selectively clean parts of walls that have beencovered with years of dirt and grime)

Jan Vormann, 26, is a German artist who has spent the last three years travelling the world fixing crumbling walls and monuments using Lego. Vorman took his project from its humble beginnings at an art fair in Rome and brightened up thousands of people's days with his brightly colored plastic Lego bricks.

Dispatchwork: a movement initiated by 27 year-old German artist Jan Vormann, who started patching old walls with Lego bricks

Take one give one - Mademoiselle Maurice #mademoisellemaurice

Take one give one - Mademoiselle Maurice


Urban Origami Installations on the Streets of Hong Kong and Vietnam by Mademoiselle Maurice Vietnam street art paper origami Hong Kong

Il faut être absolument moderne. Rimbaud

Arthur Rimbaud par Ernest Pignon Ernest in Street art di Isadora Don nicky Balistiq