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Explore Obamacare Uninsured, Unexpected Accident and more!

Check out this web app for those without health insurance. It predicts how much money it may cost you if you get into an unexpected accident. #healthcare #obamacare #uninsured

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Like the Colbert Report said when President Obama delivered "The Decree", Republicans love everything about ObamaCare except for the Obama part.

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5 devastating Obamacare facts every American should know

(NaturalNews) News about Obamacare’s failings have peppered the news media recently. In the wake of these recent media reports, here are five devastating Obamacare facts every American should know.


20 Million Americans Gained Coverage Under the Affordable Care Act

Hundreds of millions have been spent to convince people that forcing corporations to give fair insurance is wrong. Not being able to cancel you if you get sick or not hike your rates because you are older are just some of the rules implemented under ObamaCare. It should be obvious to most that these new rules impact the profit of health corporations and they are lobbing heavily to repeal it.

True, when asked about policies that might really help, the right is conspicuously silent ...I'm pro-life, but I'm anti-hypocrisy.

Manchin: I’d vote to repeal ObamaCare | TheHill Now he's against it, when before he was for it. #ShadesofJohnKerry

Ted Cruz and Rick Perry are against Obamacare? Texas has the highest rate of uninsured and teen pregnancies in the country.

What is happening to this country??Extremely Frustrated Dad Takes to Social Media After HealthCare.Gov Declares 1 Year Old and 3 Year Old Uninsurable