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97% of engineers agree the bridges ahead will collapse. 3% say not to worry. Would you keep driving? We listen to experts, so when 97% of climate scientists agree man-made climate change is real, it's time to listen.

Arizona lawmaker wants church attendance to be mandatory

Arizona lawmaker wants church attendance to be mandatory. Republican state Sen. Sylvia Allen suggested Americans should be required to attend church on Sunday while debating gun violence.

Idiocy, yes, but let's not forget it's about hate too. NOTE: He is running for reelection this year. He can be out of office by January!

3/7/1965: The first Selma to Montgomery March (“Bloody Sunday”) takes place. "In 1965, a voter registration campaign focused in Selma, Alabama, began...[led by] Martin Luther King, Jr., the SNCC, and the SCLC. On March 7, a group of several hundred people set out from Selma on a 54-mile march toward Montgomery, but this protest was stopped short in a brief and violent confrontation (later known as “Bloody Sunday”) between the marchers and state troopers at the Edmund Pettis Bridge."

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If you politicize Benghazi for months, then cheered when the sequester cut $79,000 more from the Embassy Security #StopTheWorldTheTeabaggersWantOff

Nina Simone, portrait and inspiring quote

For my Spare bedroom AKA my reading room .Portrait of Nina Simone to inspire those to seek and fight for freedom. Painted by yours truly and reproduced on high quality art paper with my Epson Printer. (your print is going to be so crisp and b