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Everybody loves to listen to music! It reduces the daily stress and takes you far, far away, on a trip around your own dreams and imagination. During the years, manufacturers managed to understand this need and today they give al

Home Automation is way past simply being able to adjust the temperature, lighting or start a crock pot before you get home. Things have really changed.

HiddenWires - Rachel House, Kinross - bringing home cinema to children and young people with short lives

Surges in electrical power are part and parcel of everyday life. Power surges can cause damage to computers, #hometheaters and any other electronic device.

Some technologies integrate into our lifestyles to the point that we can’t live without them. Home automation is an example of one of those technologies.

Home Energy Hackday: the results | SusLab at the RCA

Are you ready to swap cable for Internet Streaming? Here are some points to consider before one joins the droves of ex-cable devotees.

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