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Check out THE OLD SKINS BAND on ReverbNation we got them on Jam City

Tad "8-way santa", '91 with the orig cover. Recorded by Butch Vig. A friend of the band found this pic in a photo album at a a garage sale. They did not know who this two were and they had no permission. They modified colors to give the acid look (title is slang for blotter LSD). The man in the pic found out about the cover, and he thought it was cool. But the woman, who had become a Christian singer, did not. So Tad and Sub Pop got sued and they had to change the cover and pay some cash.

A nice collection of Black Flag LPs... legendary "My War" LP showing at front: the record whose B side is believed to have showed punk kids their way to slow down into grimey riffs... grunge, anyone?

Check out Frontline and the Brotherhood of Sound on ReverbNation R&B for ya from Coplay, PA!

Check out Joel Wilson & The Revival on ReverbNation