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176 Shocking Things Donald Trump Has Done This Election | The Closer with Keith Olbermann | GQ - YouTube

Vote for Bernie Sanders...the ONLY candidate that has always been pro-union, wants single payer insurance, wants to raise the minimum wage to $15 and rein in the abuses of Wall St... no other candidate can truthfully make this claim...i said truthfully !!!

The Many Scandals of Donald Trump: A Cheat Sheet

In tax filings, the Trump Foundation has apparently indicated that it violated federal rules against “self-dealing,” charities acting to further their leaders’ interests.

Romney’s final Full-of-Shit moment of the campaign. In what his campaign billed as his “closing argument,” Mitt Romney recalled President Obama’s promise of 2008 to transcend party politics and insisted the president had instead plunged Washington into an era or partisan politics and indicated that if he (Romney) was not elected that House Republicans would destroy the economy. READ THIS!

Anti-choice activists using bogus legal threats, trick teens into signing away abortion rights