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Honestly, why is this so hard to do/accept? Just tell the truth! I'd much rather someone say this to me than to make up some excuse. Seriously, save us both the time and effort and let's get on with our lives.

Generally those who are pissed off get mad when your not following along with what they've decided you should do and know jack about your life, thoughts, feelings or circumstances behind your 'CHOICES'; but will run off at the mouth playing shrink making up your diagnosis as they go along. Crazy world huh? ;)

Making her your purpose is counterproductive. Making her your partner in crime and adventure...sounds like a winner. Not much motivation for adventure without someone to share it with, though. It's so hard to keep going...without someone to keep going for...without someone to give to. without someone to bless. without someone to make happy, without someone to cherish, without someone to love. She was my favorite part. :'(