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34 Things That Will Make You Feel Old

One of the lucky few who can say this (at least for the second half). I was born in December of and the movie came out in May of 2003 (just shy of old). And, I will be 22 in June of 2016 when Finding Dory comes out!



Kristen Stewart actually smiles all the time. You'd think that if people were going to hate her, they could at least come up with substantial reasons as to why. How does hating someone for being shy make you a good person? --description by DestinyandDoom

This mom deserves a medal…

Love this idea! We used to make our daughter and son hold hands for the day when they couldn't get along. It was fun to watch them try and make a sandwich with only one hand each. It forced them to have to help on another. (AND it worked!) :)

hahahaha so happy I don't have shark brains anymore, but if I did- it WOULD be shark week!