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The frame made with PVC and chicken wire, cover with burlap, spray paint black

from Babble

10 Terrifying DIY Props for Your Haunted House

Parts List 2 – 90 degree PVC elbows 3 – 45 degree PVC elbows 1 – 4-Way PVC Cross 2 – 1 1/4 “ --> 1” PVC Adapters 1 – ...

Death Losers! And I'm done with my mothers families bullshit! HAVE BEEN FOR AWHILE! Stop raping my mother and calling yourselves family!

I'll never pretend to be something I'm not. As you get older, you should become more comfortable with who you are and care less about what others think, it's part of maturing.

Grim is not afraid to lay it out there. After all, yolo: "Romana just got a letter in the mail from Grim Reaper! It's covered in X's and skulls and a little doodle of Romana lying on the ground with lots of arrows and daggers sticking out of her." #SimsGoneWrong

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