The real diary of Sarah Morgan, a young woman from a wealthy Baton Rouge family during the Civil War. What a life she had!

Rilla of Ingleside is the last book in the Anne of Green Gables series, and the Great War has come. Anne is a supporting character in short stories Montgomery wrote later.

Sarah Morgan A civil war diary of a southern woman.

A Lady Cyclist's Guide to Kashgar by Suzanne Joinson. 1923: Evangeline English and sister Lizzie head for China's Silk Road city of Kashgar. Lizzie is on fire with her religious calling, but Eva has her green bicycle and a commission to write a lady cyclist's guide. Present-day London: A young woman finds a man sleeping outside her door and gives him a blanket and pillow. And when she inherits the contents of an unknown woman's apartment, the two embark on an unexpected journey together.

Sinclair McKay: The Secret Life of Bletchley Park - The WWII Codebreaking Centre and the Men and Women who worked there.

One of the oldest libraries at the heart of Oxford's historic University is Duke Humfrey's Library in the Bodleian, which held the primary function as a reading room for maps, music and pre-1641 rare books until 2015

Miriam Stoltzfus is a young Pa. Amish woman once filled with dreams for a future with a man . . . who jilted her. Now she is known as the "old maid" schoolteacher with a "heart of stone."

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