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Tour de France | Tall Bearded Bloom Season: Midseason Fragrant: Yes Rebloom: No This new yellow amoena's electrifying color contrast is demonstrated in our photo. Note the pale yellow infusion at the base of the white standards and the chrome yellow at the center of the golden falls. The wide ruffled petals have a velvety texture, and Tour de France emits a slight sweet fragrance.

The stark but decorative, ancient Chateau d'Angers, castle fortress, built from the 10th to 13th century, in Angers, France, contrasts with the lovely, colorful landscaped gardens.

Frances Farmer's "Will There Really Be a Morning?" a "Harrowing account of '30's film star Frances Farmer's life while in a State Mental Institution in 1945 and her struggle to adjust afterwards. This book was published about a year after her death of cancer in 1970."

A contrast of war, the ruins of Contalmaison Chateau, Somme, with sign saying hotel for sale in France on the British front during World War I in 1917. It was never rebuilt.

Solitude, 1934 by Frances Hammell Gearhart (b. 1869-1958), Californian artist (occasionally taught by Charles H. Woodbury) known for her colour woodcuts of the Sierras, the Pacific Coast, and the area around Big Bear Lake. She described sentinel trees, groves of eucalyptus, pines, oaks and Monterey cypress as well as valleys and canyons. Tags: Helen Elstone, Trees, Contrast, Rocks, Sunset