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❄️Maybe if I stop being such a fat pig and get to work on my body then I'll feel it, see it, or hear it.

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The 4 best core exercises for women - try doing 3 sets of 12 of each of these exercises every 2 days for amazing results!

Everytime I am at the store and don't get cookies I regret it later.  Which is everytime.  Why won't I just let myself eat a cookie?

Every time you say "Fuck it. I don't care" and eat that cookie or that bag of chips, there's a 100 chance you'll care later.

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Beginner's Total Body Fat Blasting Routine

Funny how those who are amazingly obese...will daily eat horrendously unhealthy meals day after day-never workout either--hmmm maybe there is something to that?

Rebel Dietitian and Proud Texas Girl Ready to Rock Your Healthy Soul -- Eat Clean, Train Mean, Live Green :)) !

60 Fat Loss Tips You Absolutely Need to Follow If You Want an Impressive Physique                                                                                                                                                                                 More

The Ultimate List of Fat Burning Tips - 60 Tips to Help You Burn Fat Fast

Negative Calories-Zero Calories Foods dianag79

Negative Calories-Zero Calories Foods have calories but after eaten they have calorie fighting effects leading to you losing calories instead of adding on. For those who are confused by negative calories.