On behalf of the German Hygiene-Museum Dresden, ART+COM has developed a statistics strip for the exhibition "Work. Meaning and Worry" to visualise and process large volumes of data and facts. Like a recurring theme, the black aluminium strip folds along the walls and widens occasionally into graphs and charts of various types: 3-D lines, surfaces and columns, show extensive, transparent and easy to understand background information and amazing details. Besides, seven interactive media…

Impression Wall βVer. / インプレッションウォール βVer.

Linguistic Landscapes of Graz: An exhibition about the variety of languages, from a local and a global point of view. It's about a world of diversity and how many languages actually exist. Some of them are close to extinction, others still spoken by many people.

Archer Terracotta Warriors Xian Statue, 14"H, reproduction of terracotta warriors from xian, kneeling archer statue, terra cotta warriors museum store – Museumize

by #Tunisian #calligrafitti artist eL Seed's > His work has been created and seen on numerous structures and building façades around the world, marking his bold and beautiful take on #Arabic text & North African roots. “In this exhibition, I want to free the letters from the two dimensional surface, releasing them from the wall and invite the viewer to interact with the calligraphy, creating a ballad between them," says eL Seed.

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