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Vie et passion de saint Denis, Traité des reliques, Légende de la passion des dix mille martyrs, Légende de la Véronique ; Chronique abrégée de la naissance de J.-C. à 1112, Continuation de 1120 à 1278. [traduction anonyme en français]. Date d'édition : 1270-1285 Type : manuscrit

"Journey to Normandy"- Scene2: Harold and a companion enter the church at Bosham, to pray for a safe voyage. The night before they leave a feast is held in one of Harold's many houses - the manor house at Bosham. Harold boards his ship and sets sail. He is still carrying his hawk.

Bayeux Tapestry. I am thankful to have had a great professor for art history. She spoke with such passion, that you could only feel the same for the art yourself. This embroidery was the focus of my final project.

The helmets are gorgeous! "A Battle from the Trojan War", 1390-1400. A detached leaf from a book made by an unnamed "First Master of the Bible historiale of Jean de Berry, illuminator" Getty Museum.

Archer's Shield (Pavise), probably Bohemian (Chomutov), ca 1440 -- "This example is painted in the center with a crown surmounted by three ostrich feathers, a badge of the kings of Bohemia. Below this is the letter Y on a radiant cloud, possibly the monogram for Yhesus (Jesus). At the top is the coat of arms of the Saxon city of Zwickau (a red shield with three white swans), which was added to the shield at a later date."

"The Return" - Scene 1D: Harold talks to King Edward. The King is shown as frail and ill, although he was in fact perfectly healthy at this time.

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