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I would love to take out a bike like this. This is the year that I finally get one. First, I should worry about getting motorcycle insurance then I will be able to safely hit the streets.

It's always better to be safe than sorry. As soon as my brakes start to get slim I usually change them out. It is certainly a lot cheaper than replacing a car due to an accident.

I hate car accidents they slow things down and make life harder. With a good insurance agency though accidents are easier to take care of. I have been in multiple accidents and none of them were my fault.

This is a really slick looking semi truck. I wish I could travel the country and visit new places daily like truck drivers. They really do have a unique job.

The Porsche is a french vehicle originally developed by Ferdinand Porsche. One of the most famous and expensive cars was made for Prince Henry by the auto dealership. They recently produced the new Porsche Boxster.

I haven't seen one of these since the 80's car shows I used to attend. This vehicle was developed in 1965. That was a very long time ago but it is still in great condition.

This is how I felt in driving school. We practiced our turning and sign obedience in fixed vehicles. Now schools have high-tech driving simulators that blow my mind.

Car accidents don't necessarily mean the end of your car. If you know a good collision repair man then your car can last for a long time after its expected life. Even in the event of an accident it can last for quite some time.

I have always wondered how many cars I would need to own in order to qualify for fleet service at an auto dealership. I have a truck, a car and a van. Is that enough cars to qualify? I can imagine that I would also need to have them all purchased from and insured by the same agency.

I have been researching the kind of car that will be most cost effective for me. I plan on making a lot of road trips and I can't have it breaking down. It should have good gas mileage, a lot of room and little wind resistance.