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The International Journal of the Commons is an interdisciplinary peer-reviewed open-access journal, dedicated to furthering the understanding of institutions for use and management of resources that are (or could be) enjoyed collectively.These resources may be part of the natural world (e.g. forests, climate systems, or the oceans) or they may be created (e.g. infrastructures such as irrigation systems, the internet or (scientific) knowledge, for example of the sort that is published in…

Such extraordinarily clear and concise words about what "recovery" from the challenges of mental illness entails. Still too sad that I feel it so very necessary to post this for the sole reason of the misinformation that is still so pervasive in our global society and in our own backyards regarding the nature of mental illness. Give Them A Voice is an advocacy foundation.

THE WAY TO NATURE A HISTORY OF FOREST AND PEOPLE TYPE Permanent exhibition at the visitor center Hans-Eisenmann-Haus CLIENT Nationalparkverwaltung Bayerischer Wald LOCATION Bavarian Forest National Park, Neuschönau, Germany YEAR 2010

This is how anxiety is affecting your health. It's so important to reduce the stress in our lives.

This is how anxiety is affecting your health. It's so important to reduce the stress in our lives.

Yes! Så er de her igen. Og dig der har fulgt med i flere år kan se at dette års version ikke varierer så forfærdeligt meget fra de sidste års træer. Jeg elsker bare at lave dem. Det er så hyggeligt...

Staying authentic despite pressures from society, peers, family to conform. Being yourself doesn't mean looking completely different, being unique and never doing mainstream things. It means to always be internally motivated, making choices that are not dependent on what current trends/biases/stigma appear to be.

The babe laughed a laugh that filled all the hollow spaces in the forest. As I fairy I smiled and helped carry it to the tree. Any abandoned or orphaned creatures we brought to our sanctuary. The head fairy, my mother, was the in charge and each fairy was assigned a creature. I was lucky and got the first human. (credit to @Wizard003)