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Humpback DPS

As humpback numbers are on the rise around the world, one population still risks extinction

Mitochondrial Eve

Too Funny . How modern humans spread across the planet when they left Africa years ago. The number over each continent is when they arrived = years ago).

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Related image

animal migration map - Google Search

Map of the world showing animal migration patterns - Paul Mirocha

A Visual History of Gender and Employment

A Visual History of Gender and Employment

This animated graphic shows how gender differences in the workplace have evolved over time, in terms of both employment and wages. Each bubble in the chart represents a specific occupation.

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Humpback Whale Research Foundation - About humpback whales

This map showing the migration patterns of early humans was designed as a precursor to the National Geographic Society's Genographic Project, which will provide more detailed data.

IBM and the National Geographic Society have built custom software for use by field researchers who are gathering DNA samples and other data as part of a five-year project probing the historic migration patterns of people.

Interesting Infographic on the Top Economies in Africa #Africa #economy

Infographic Africa From Top To Bottom based on Law & Safety, Economic Opportunity, Human Development, Human Rights. {Master of Finance}

British Trade Routes: 1750-1800 by ship logs

British Trade Routes: 1750-1800 by ship logs [1127x544]

British Trade Routes: by ship logs