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Because Cats! You'll find photos of cats, funny animated gifs, cute and adorable kittens and kitten gifs, cat behavior and tips, cat facts, breeds, health & first aid. Call them Kat, Kot, Katzen, Gatos, Gatitos, кошки, Neko or 猫, it' about cats

'Breeze'...a beautiful Maine Coon cat. "I know, I know. All I need is a green felt hat and some arrows and I would look like Robin Hood."

"Let me stay, where the wind will whisper to me. Where the raindrops, as they’re falling, tell a story. In my field of paper flowers and candy clouds of lullaby. I lie inside myself for hours and watch my purple sky fly over me" Imaginary - Evanescence...

This is one of the oldest domestic cat breeds that also happens to live the longest, generally years of age.Siamese cats make wonderful family companions because they are playful and affectionate and get along well with children.

Salut mon ami l'agneau ! Tu es tout seul ? Je vais rester auprès de toi et l'on va s'amuser en attendant ta maman brebis...Hola mi amigo cordero! ¿Estás solo? Voy a permanecer con usted y vamos a divertirnos mientras espera a su mamá oveja ...

sweater for a toasty cat - KNITTING - My cat, Wilde, is small and not very active, so she often appears to be cold.  I decided to take the time to whip together a sweater for her, wit

Happy Monday | Monday humor | animal funny | cute cat | New day | new week | Tired | When is it Friday | Weekend over: I showed up for Monday ... Didn't say I'd participate! It's a new day, a new week. Take it all one day at a time and ENJOY the ride.

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