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How Do I Convince Him That I’m Not Like His Ex?

How Do I Convince Him That I’m Not Like His Ex?- That moment when you get annoyed and frustrated because you are OVER YOUR EXES and keep telling the man you love now, that you are not returning to ANY OF YOUR EXES because life is about moving forward and going with what works only once you start loving yourself, and you are not his EX and NEVER plan to hurt him as his ex! Smdh... So frustrating! I hope this puts his fears to rest! Idk how else to say it! I've exhausted all the ways I keep…

17 Surprising Things You Learn After a Divorce

Its a daily struggle... Being the odd man out, people DO look at you differently, etc. Life doesn't stop moving, learn as you go...

It is infinitely more than a word, and unimaginably broader than a single holiday. Rather, Thanksgiving is an unwavering attitude of appreciation for things undeserved. It is holding life as a privilege and not a right. It embraces the reality that we deserve nothing, but have been granted everything.. This week's article outlines Craig's own awakening regarding this thing we call Thanksgiving. See his article at