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Vera Muchina, Louvrier et la kolkhozienne, 1937.

Hathor Holding Nefertari’s Hand. Symbolizes the union of the upper Egypt and Lower Egypt

Inanna, Queen of the Night, Sumerian mythology

Dino Rosin - Just Friends - Available at Paragon Fine Art -

Relief plaque depicting a Ram as either Amun or Banebdjeder ram god of the northern city of Mendes Egypt Ptolemaic Period 300 BCE Limestone

Duane Hanson has always been my favorite sculptor! he just makes them look soooo real!

Antigone Pouring a Libation over the Corpse of Her Brother Polynices - William Henry Rinehart, 1870

A bronze statuette of Mithra (Sabazios) Mithra was a Near Eastern god which became rather popular in Rome in the 1st and 2nd Century AD (especially among soldiers).