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Tutorial 2: Playing with Mograph and dynamic

This is a simple plug-in. But how to use is considered infinitely. The function of the plug-in makes a connector between the chosen object and the parent object and designates two objects. A connector is made in each by more than one hierarchical structure and the choice object to choose everything is made. A dynamics motion is possible by the object to which a connector was added. It's possible to add it to the mograph every the object. This Plugin Download:

NitroBlast+ X-Particle - Tutorial

NitroBlast+ X-Particle - Tutorial by PRJECT-4D. some tips on how to use X-Particle & nitroblast, nothing big but maybe its helpful for someone..

Springs & Spline Dynamics in Cinema 4D Tutorial Part 01: Hanging Objects On a String by EJ Hassenfratz. My next few tutorials are going to be utilizing the combination of Spring & Spline Dynamics together to get some really cool dynamic animation. In part 1 of this series, I'm going to go over how to use Springs & Spline Dynamics to make an object dangle off of a string. It's a pretty simple set up and it allows for a lot of control to tweak to get the right type of dynamic movement…

Quick Tip 7: Cutting object into fragments