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5 Superfood Duos _ Peppers & Artichokes for iron & vitamin C. Green Tea with Lemon to increase DNA repairing catechins. Avocados & Tomatoes with cancer fighting properties. Apples & Dark Chocolate to improve circulation, fight against blood clots, & reduce your chances of getting heart disease. Yogurt & Bananas to speed up your muscle recovery after a workout & strengthening muscle cells _ Source:

The Health Benefits of Bananas

great foods that make you feel good. everyone should have them in their diet.

These 24 Diagrams Make Healthy Eating Super Easy

Top 10 SuperFoods for Exceptional Health

Ok maybe pollen and honey are not vegan but the rest is still worth a look at! Top 10 Superfoods for Exceptional Health [Infographic]

use this to help build your lunches, you don't have to use just these foods, but use them as examples and pick foods similar. I usually try to do extra veg and extra protein so I stay full. Fruit is my fave, I sometimes do extra fruit and a smaller snack.

Three Day Juice Cleanse (Dash of Darling)

Three Day Juice Cleanse - Short, effective, and allows a meal at night. Have to try this. @lilirae89